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Tuffah Informatics, was founded on April 2013 is an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) company specializing in providing solutions in information and knowledge management that located at Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia. From an early beginning, Tuffah Informatics has acquired the essential capability, knowledge, and human resources to further enhance the ICT industry such as Software Development, Mobile Application, Artificial Intelligence, and ICT Consultation and Training. Below is our organization chart:-

Software and Web Development

We focus on the development of integrated system and full system customization based on our customer requirements. Besides, we also develop our own innovative product as a result of our research and development activities. All services that we provide under software development department are; Desktop Application, Web Application, Website Design, E-Commerce Websites, and Content Management System.

Mobile Apps Development

We bring the flexible, customized and yet modern mobile application equipped with the conscientious user interface, all of those aspects are fully based on our customer requirements. All services that we provide under mobile application development department are; Android Application, iOS Application, Windows Phone Application, Blackberry Application, and Mobile UI Design.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computer System

One of our departments that highly focused on research and development activities. today, the area of artificial intelligence is mainly concentrated on the theory while lack of application in the form of product. Hence, Tuffah informatics has been trying to turn the artificial intelligence theory into an usable product that can be used to enhance the existing systems. All services that we provide under artificial intelligence development department are; Expert System, Data Mining, Decision Support System, Image Processing, and Machine Learning.

ICT Consultation and Training

In this department, we focus on the training and human development in the term of technical skills. Also we provide the consultation in the field of ICT. All services that we provide under ICT consultation and training department are divided into three levels of training; Beginner Level, Intermediate Level, and Expert Level.

Product and Clients

... and much more.